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Использование терракотовой панели в качестве «плавника»

Использование терракотовой панели в качестве «плавника»

When it comes to терракотовый плавник, most of people will think of terracotta baguette. Actually, not only terracotta baguette can be used as fin in both horizontal and vertical orientation, terracotta panel can be used as fin for decoration as well.

Here below is one of our project Voxman Music Building of Iowa University in USA. The twisted terracotta panels are installed vertically to create such appearance.

Here below is another project Ting Hsin International Business Plaza in Shanghai which using terracotta panel to achieve the vertical fin appearance.

If you have any new project might require to use terracotta panel to be fin, please feel free to contact us anytime and we can help design the installation method.